Hynotherapy simply means, "Being in a relaxed state, and open to suggestion."  You are always in control, your subconscious won't allow you to accept a statement you do not find to be true... 

clinical hypnotherapy


A Healthier You Series

Smoking Cessation

Healthier Eating rhythms


Deep Sleep

Finding your still Point

What makes my sessions different?

Short term counseling to support you on your journey of change, a hypnotherapy assessment, a script written just for you, a copy of The Manifest Trail [a CD I wrote and recorded to help you work on your positive change], an option to purchase a copy of your session, and adaptive techniques for stress management.



Short Term Counseling: please see "Counseling" section for accepted insurances and self-pay pricing


Hypnotherapy Session: $100, includes a copy of The Manifest Trail.  Check with your health insurance to see if they may cover this session, in part or in full, or if you are eligible to apply an HSA payment, or receive wellness points.  An invoice of this session is provided upon request.


A copy of your individual session: $25




Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

chakra balancing: "Spinning the luminous wheels"


Past Life Regression Therapy


Relax... and travel back in time, to an important past life that informs this one...  Explore the magic and awe of this process.  If you have ever had a feeling, impression, or fear that seems to have no origin in this life, then a past life regression may be for you! 


Brian Weiss MD [author of Many Lives Many Masters] found in his work that 40% of his clients were able to resolve significant life issues, such as phobias and fears, using this method, when all other traditional psychological approaches were unsuccessful...



Hypnotherapy Session: $100

Your Past Life Regression CD Recording: $25

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