My grandmother, Evangeline, was born in 1906, in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She was the youngest of 14.  A healer, caring for the ill and elder in her community.  I lived with her most of my childhood, and learned many of the old ways from her...  Her mother, Mary Rubin, was born in 1860, in Canada.  She was a midwife and an herbalist.  My gram told me that she learned the herbs from the Native Americans.  Mary never learned how to read or write, so her Wisdom was never recorded.  But, "Doctors used to say... When you are ready to give birth, you want her, not me, to be there..."  My gram would say, "Out of all of my people, you remind me most of my mother."

           MARY RUBIN

Earth Wisdom & a shamanic journey


I traveled to the upper world...  And saw my great grandmother, standing with herbs in her hand.  She wanted me to begin working with the herbs in my healing. and would guide me on my journey.  I asked her if there was anything else I could do.  She messaged back, "preserve the bee."


herbal cabala tm


Months later, I began my herbal apprenticeship.  Soon, after completing it, I experienced a very intense two week period of receiving direct transmission: herbal combinations for healing in these modern times; the awareness of an herbal workshop series to help people reconnect with nature's medicine; and the beginning of my walk with the honey bee.


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June 13th          intro to herbs & herbal oils

Embracing the ways of traditional herbal wisdom, using herbs safely, and making herbal oils... The essential buidling blocks for many herbal remedies


july 11th          Herbal salves & balms

Building upon the teachings of an herbal oil, we expand to add beeswax, and other ingredients, to make a topical salve and  lip balm.


august 8th          cold pressed herbal soaps

Old fashioned method, using lye.  In this process, if done correctly, the lye leaves during saponification, and what remains is a a very  balanced, natural herbal soap.


september 12th          foraging in the park...

I find it most curious that mother nature's medicine often emerges along human cut spaces.  In this workshop, we take a brief walk around to see some very important medicine plants and bushes.  And explore the concept of foraging and forest foods for our health!


september 26th          herbal tonics

A healthy daily supplement of herbs, berries, and honey.  Nature's way to provide immune support and nutrition to help strengthen & fortify before the snow flake season


october 10th          the art of tea blending

Herbal teas support your body's health, and are also soothing to the soul.  There are few things more rewarding than being the master of your own tea creation!


october 31st          know thy spirited-self

On this most auspicious day, we lift the veil, and attune our vibration with flower essences.


november 14th          essential oils, aromatherapy & the power of beeswax

Making bees wax candles and air scents to welcome in the holiday season!

policy & procedure


All workshops are held on Saturdays, from 1 pm to 4 pm at CenterPeace in Exeter, NH.  Each workshop is $45 per person, and includes supplies and a sample of product we make in class, with the recipe.  If you register early (two weeks prior to the class date, or sooner) the cost is $40 per person.  If you should need to cancel, a full refund is provided up to the week prior to the class date; unfortunately, after that, no refund is provided, but a 50% credit may be applied to a later class, if space is available.  If you are interested, I encourage you to sign up early, as space is limited to 15 per workshop.

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