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Hunter O’connor & Alberto Bercich

The Connection Coaches

Relationship Coaches, Holistic Health & Wellness Products, Cacao Ceremony Facilitators, Intimacy Educators

Hunter and Alberto are holistic relationship coaches that help couples remember what it means to truly love themselves and one another through intuitive coaching that digs deep into the physical, emotional, and energetic blockages that have been preventing them from having (or rekindling) the effortless communication, deep connection & intimacy they crave.

Hunter has spent the past decade doing intuitive energy work and trauma release as well as facilitating ceremonies with the support of sacred cacao. Alberto has been holding space for himself and his clients for the past 7 years on their own healing journies!

Together they have married their knowledge and experience in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms to create coaching that supports couples by identifying past traumas and limiting beliefs so that they can permanently remove the old patterns of sabotage, triggered responses, unhealthy communication, and emotionally checking out. They have a focus on communication, conflict resolution, how to have the “hard conversations” in a healthy way, & setting and honoring boundaries. They take an expansive approach at exploring emotional & sexual intimacy that gives their clients all of their tools and tantric practices to create safety, security, & deep, juicy connection. They always make sure their clients have the accountability and support they need to get the results they are looking for. This keeps their clients on track & turns what they’ve learned into habit so that they can continue this for the rest of their life!

Hunter O’connor & Alberto Bercich
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