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Rev. Loren Griffin

Accelerated Emotional Release Facilitator

Hello my name is Rev. Loren Griffin

A Minister of Earth Herself. One of Humanities Shepards (Servants), A light house of hope, here to BE & Love humanity through encouragement & support. I am your Anam Cara (Soul friend) & cheerleader. I am here to be with you, as you are! above all else I am your brother, here to serve you during difficult and chaotic times to bring Compassion and peace on your path of healing while you discover your Divine wholeness.

On my journey of personal discovery.

Through shadows of pain and also my connection and relationship with my Inner most self, I have gathered tools for my medicine bag. First and foremost taught to me by my mother as a young child, to rest and be still. This is my first remembrances of Meditation and healing.

Music inherited from my Father, I too am a musician, and I am honored to pray & play for community.

My life changed when I had one of a few close visits with the edge of life and death. This changed me forever and meditation became apart of my daily practice.

I am an Integrated Holistic Life practitioner.

It is a great honor to share my “I am” expressions of healing with you. As a Reiki (LFE) energy conduit , Reflexology, Chakra Alignment, Heart Mind Coherent Breathe & Meditation, Sound, Shamanic Drumming, Ayurveda, I.F. (Intermittent Fasting), MMI Journaling aka Griffin Method Journaling, active listening. I am a bridge & translator of the life giving beauty of scripture. Prayer facilitator with our Divine “I am” presence.

Sharing tools and practices that facilitate and allow Life Force Energy to flow freely, together we will enter a heightened level of openness and relaxation, this facilitates each person in making connection with the LFE (Life Force Energy) within themselves. This allows them to move forward in their life on their Path, doing so at their own pace, to heal the whole Being, Spirit, Soul, and Body. This is an integrated approach. This is a Whole Healthy You.

Rev. Loren Griffin
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