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Tatiana Weaver

Transformation Fairy

Tatiana Weaver is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and Soundbath Practitioner. She also completed Dee Dasualt’s Ganja Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles and is Reiki II attuned. Most recently Tatiana has become certified in prenatal yoga and is a trained Sacred Birth Doula and breathwork practitioner. Tatiana has practiced yoga for over 15 years and has been a teacher, while continually learning, for over 6 years. Combining yoga and plant medicine has been transformative in helping her heal from severe and chronic pain and she now shares her story and healing with others, also using art like Tribal Markings as a tool for heart-opening and experskon. Tatiana is a true Light, bubble of energy and heart-centered empath. Not to mention, she also thrives as an event marketing aficionado, actor/comedienne, and influencer.

Tatiana is committed to helping others transform, ground, and find peace within themselves through unique experiences that combine various modalities, education and experiences. She comes to Michigan via Los Angeles andAfter a life-changing accident, Tatiana has learned to manage pain and anxiety due to severe injury. Finding a medicinal, and healing, combination of plant medicine and yoga (or mindful movement), stretching, breathing practices, meditation, nutrition, and other holistic modalities and lifestyle choices, to truly transform her life. Intuitive, empathetic, and extremely caring by nature, Tatiana has committed her whole Self to healing, while helping others find balance, peace, and comfort in their lives. She uses various modalities, art, and plant medicines in a unique way to help transform and manifest one’s best self.

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Tatiana Weaver
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